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Cordgrass and EchinechiaAn intimate look at a truly historic landscape - fast disappearing -
our native American prairie and woodlands.

Art created by Lana Gits and photographer, Larry Godson depict these wonderful native plants. They are the subject of cards, stationery, prints, journals and more - which represent over 18 years of recording and observing. Please visit the product pages to see items available retail and wholesale. Products Page I
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  We place a high priority on:
  - Customer satisfaction
  - Recycled paper content
  - Historical & regional subjects
  - Education.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and learn more about native prairie!

(left) Cordgrass and Echinechia
by Lana Gits, Acrylic on canvass
3ft by 7ft., Created in 2004 for
Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie                                         

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